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Past Grants

 The dollars that you give to the Wayland Public Schools Foundation go directly to your children's classrooms.


2014-2015 Grants


All Schools


Continued Digital Innovation in the Classroom

Allyson Mizoguchi, Mary Barber and 10 Others

Continued Digital Innovation in the Classroom will provide funding for a leadership team of predominately teachers and some administration to attend a summer conference in North Carolina to formulate a plan to bring authentic project based and personal learning to Wayland. The conference will help the leadership team create a long-term technology vision using best approaches/practices for our student’s digital learning. 


Professional Development for School Librarians

Susan Allen, Ruth Burman, Colleen Flannery-Schwarz, Sara Ravid, Joanne Schmidt

The Professional Development for School Librarians will allow all 5 district librarians to attend a conference to learn about innovative library practices, programs and tools.  Our librarians will have the opportunity to speak with colleagues, vendors, authors and publishers from around the country and they will create plans to introduce new practices into our schools. 


Reader’s Theater Roleplay Playbooks

Amy Behr, Nicole Caulfield, Virginia Toner, Rita Trotta, Alla Schmidt, Stacy Entel, Justine Ferguson

The Reader’s Theater Role play Playbooks provides instructional resources to engage and enrich student reading.  By using “theater” scripted books and materials students engage in dramatic role-play, interacting with text to become part of a story, resulting in higher reading comprehension levels and fluency.



High School


Robotics Club Formation

Jay Moody, Nancy Florez

The Robotics Club Formation grant supports the revival of the high school’s robotics club that successfully competed at the district, regional and national levels of the FIRST Robotics Competition during last year’s grass roots effort.  By connecting what students are learning in science, technology, and math courses to design and build a robot from scratch, students further develop their excitement for innovation, as well as gain improved problem solving, collaboration and organization skills.



High School MakerSpace Buildout and Provisioning

Jay Moody, Kevin Delaney, Ellen Cheeseman-Meyer, Ed DeHoratius, Mike Hopps, Susan Memoli, Ken Rideout

High School Maker Space Build-out and Provisioning launches one of the first Maker Spaces (a modern day lab for design, engineering and innovation) among public high schools in Massachusetts.  Students have a unique opportunity to ignite their imaginations to invent solutions that solve real-world problems. This grant funds materials and equipment such as a laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and traditional woodworking tools that help bring ideas to life -- inspiring creativity in fun ways.



Evaluation for next HS/MS Device(Also impact Middle School)

Mary Barber, Bethann Monahan

The Evaluation for the next HS/MS Device grant will provide 9 ipad Pro devices to high school and middle school teachers so that teachers and students can try out the device as a possible replacement product for the currently used MacBook Air computers (at the HS) and the Chrome Book computers (at the middle school). The devices will come with added keyboards and “pens”, allowing students to draw, take notes and do math calculations and they can also be used to download textbooks.  This pilot program over the next two years will allow teachers and students to provide significant input regarding the best choice for the 1:1 initiative in our schools as we move forward. 



STEAM Station for the High School Library Media Center

Joanne Schmidt

The STEAM Station for the High School Library Media Center grant funds engaging challenges and experiments that expose more students to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math), a multi-disciplinary district-wide initiative.  Students can earn bragging rights and prizes for activities such as building a catapult that launches a snowball the furthest or using the Fibonacci sequence to create music and poetry.



Digital Citizenship: An Evening for Freshmen and their Parents

Joanne Schmidt, Mary Barber

This Digital Citizenship grant provides 2 keynote speakers from the Library Freedom Project to accompany students on stage for a Freshmen Symposium.

Using a Ted Talk Style, selected students from all Information Literacy classes will present their research findings on topics such as online privacy and security, self-image and identity, relationships and communication, information literacy, copyright, and cyber-bullying.



Chinese Shades:  Learning Mandarin Through Art

Xiaochui Cao, Sara Langelier

The Chinese Shades: Learning Mandarin Through Art grant provides the opportunity for students to learn traditional Chinese art and culture from an artist who will conduct workshops for all Mandarin classes and the World Cultures Club.  Using Chinese brushes, paint and ink, students will master basic painting techniques to create a work of art on a silk fan.  Students will also gain insights into history and the origin of Chinese writing.



New Music Technology Studio at the High School

Rachel Carroll, Mary Barber, Joseph Oneschuk

The New Music Technology Studio at the High School grant provides storage and backup capabilities for large media files created by students while working on music technology projects, without placing additional strain on the IT Department and its server.  This grant builds upon a 2014 grant from the WPSF that allowed the creation of the Music Technology course at the high school. 



3D Visual Arts Display

Amy Cuneo

The Visual Arts Display grant allows the purchase of glass floating shelves and supplementary support stands for a display case in the Fine Arts Department at the high school. The shelves and stands will showcase student’s artwork from 3D Visual Arts courses, such as Metalwork and Ceramics.


Standing Desks: An Innovative Classroom Seating Solution

Naomi Rosenthal, Erin Lehmann, Jeffrey Blue

Standing Desks: An Innovative Classroom Seating Solution will provide eight Adjustable Mobile Stand Workstation desks to the high school.  The desks will be used to improve the educational experience for students who struggle with attention deficit and/or hyperactivity and for those who learn better while standing or moving.



Middle School


Meditation for Middle School

Amy Parker

The Meditation in the Middle School grant funds an in service for teachers regarding the benefits of mindfulness meditation and funds an 8 week course for interested teachers to learn how to meditate and to then effectively teach meditation to their students.  One middle school teacher will become a resident meditation expert and resource for all WMS faculty and will teach meditation skills in Org Skills classes and 6th grade cluster meetings. 



Professionalism Begins at Home

Jada Williams, Robert Reddington, Bethann Monahan, Ellen Jacobs

The Professionalism Begins at Home grant will allow middle school students to showcase their learning by helping the students transform the cafeteria space into a professional presentation environment.  The grant provides funds for the purchase individual easels to present memory books, specialized materials to create a professional look for the books that some students may not have had access to in the past, and tablecloths for the cafeteria tables, lending a more professional, uniform look for the presentations on nights like D.C. Night and Cape Cod Night.   



Digitized Drawing, Design and Discussion

Peter Curran, Bethann Monahan

The Digitized Drawing, Design and Discussion grant funds the purchase of a Brightlink Pro interactive projector for the art department at the middle school.  This powerful tool will positively impact all middle school students in their visual arts courses, allowing students and staff to produce interactive and engaging work that can be shared, archived and annotated in real-time and greatly enhancing instruction.  The projector can also communicate with connected Chrome Books and ipads, enabling simultaneous collaboration and encouraging students to think bigger and create more boldly.



STEAM Projects for Sixth Grade Students

Tom Longnecker, Matt Lafond, Kim Dunkelberg, Michael Kotin

The STEAM Projects for Sixth Grade Students grant provides funds to support a new initiative for students which will require them to take skills and content from multiple STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) disciplines and integrate them into a solution to a realistic and relevant problem.  Students will address such problems as “How can we demonstrate how much energy is generated by a solar panel?” by designing and building a device or demonstration that uses the energy created by the panel to complete a visible task. 



Digital Projectors of Middle School Theater Program

Tom Large, Peter Curran, Steve Murray, Whitney Tandon, Bethann Monahan, Sara Ravid

The Digital Projectors for Middle School Theater Program grant funds the purchase of three short-throw projectors for the middle school theater.  The projectors will be used for students in drama classes and the spring musical and will allow students to create digital scenery, animations, short films, and background slideshows to incorporate into their productions and for public display.  The projectors will also be used for fine arts performances, school assemblies and other public presentations. 



Heart Rate Monitors and Activity Trackers for Wellness 

Pam Riddle, John Berry

The Heart Rate Monitors and Activity Trackers for Wellness grant funds the purchase of 60 Fitbit devices for the middle and high schools (30 per school) and will enable all students to learn to use their heart rate to track fitness levels and to monitor the effects of various degrees of exercise intensity on heart rate.  This will allow students to better correlate perceived levels of exertion with an objective measurement of effort.    


Elementary Schools


Pattern Seekers: Math and Science Exploration in Nature

Maureen Devlin, Jaclyn Mattson, Alyssa Candini

The Pattern Seekers grant funds materials for raising frogs in the classroom in conjunction with a Drumlin Farm program that involves field studies at both Dudley Brook and Great Meadows. Students will have hands-on opportunities for observation of the natural environment, encouraging them to use classroom based math and science concepts in ways that are relevant to their lives and the world.  (Happy Hollow School)



Fifth Grade Field Study to Boston African American History Museum

Maureen Devlin, Jaclyn Mattson, Alyssa Candini

The Fifth Grade Field Study to Boston African American History Museum supports the deepening of fifth grade student understanding of life in 19th century Boston and the history of the Beacon Hill Black community and their role in the anti-slavery movements.  In addition to learning about the history of this community, students will also meet a re-enactor playing the role of a teacher at the Abiel Smith School and learn about bringing a historical figure to life.  This experience will serve as a touchstone as fifth graders prepare their own projects bringing a Global Change Maker to life.  (Happy Hollow School)



Ergonomic Furniture for K-5 Classrooms

Kristin Fay, DeDee Bergeron, Deborah Dowd, Maureen Devlin, Anne Johnson, Kathy Germaine, Michael O’Connor, Jennifer Sole Robertson, Deb Pellerin

The Ergonomic Furniture for K-5 Classrooms grant provides funding for several AlphaBetter Standing Desks, Hokki stools and Bouncy Bands for each classroom at Happy Hollow and Loker elementary schools.  These various types of ergonomic furniture will allow many children to better access the curriculum by increasing their ability to focus and increasing their stamina while working.  (Happy Hollow and Loker Schools)



Third Grade RTI: Success for All

Sarah Sontag, Pam Pingeton, Michael O’Connor, Martha Godfrey

The Third Grade RTI: Success for All grant awards funds to both Happy Hollow and Loker3rd grade teachers, reading specialists, and special educators for the purchase of books to help best meet the needs of all students in RTI.  This comprehensive kit comprised of 144 titles that are both fiction and informational text is structured to help students who are below grade level reach the appropriate reading level.  The books are tiered and leveled for third grade instruction below, on and above grade level reading.  (Happy Hollow and Loker Schools)



Rocker Chairs

Robbin Rossi, Jackie Moquin

The Rocker Chairs grant provides funding for Rocker Chairs for every student in two classrooms at Claypit Hill School.  These ergonomic chairs allow a subtle rocking motion which helps calm restless students and fulfills their intrinsic need to move leading to increased focus, decreased distractions and ultimately, an improved student experience.  (Claypit Hill School)



Wireless Headset Microphones for Student Performance

Christie Harvey

The Wireless Headset Microphones for Student Performance grant funds wireless microphone headsets for students providing them the opportunity to develop confidence and skills in public speaking through student meetings, plays and performances.  This system provides better presentation and performance flow, resulting in less disruption and greater audience engagement than with a traditional microphone system. (Claypit Hill School)


Beyond Decoding to Real Understanding

Sarah Sontag, Deb Pellerin, Martha Godfrey, Christine Hayes, Kim Walls, Karyn Saxon

The Beyond Decoding to Real Understanding grant provides the elementary schools with excellent resources and training for instruction in reading comprehension strategies with a particular focus on non-fiction text.  Newly adopted teaching standards place an increased importance on reading informational text.  With these tools teachers across the elementary schools will be able to tackle this task with increased skills and confidence and the resources needed to succeed. (All Elementary Schools)



Promoting Cultural Proficiency through Children’s Literature

Sarah Sontag, Susan Allen, Ruth Burmann, Colleen Flannery-Schwarz

The Promoting Cultural Proficiency through Children’s Literature grant supports bringing Coretta Scott King Award winning author Sharon Draper to present to students in grades three through five across the elementary schools.  One of Ms. Draper’s most acclaimed books, Out of My Mind, is told from the perspective of an 11 year old girl with cerebral palsy which connects beautifully to our Just Like Me curriculum.   This grant allows our students to engage with Ms. Draper, a well-known author to deepen their understanding of differences as well as begin to understand the work of being an author. (All Elementary Schools)



Engaging Elementary Engineers with Robotics and Bluetooth

Stephanie Meyler

The Engaging Elementary Engineers with Robotics and Bluetooth grant funds the acquisition of  BlueBots, ProBots and BeeBots to be used in technology classes in Kindergarten through Grade Five technology classrooms at the Loker School.  Students will develop their logical reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills as they learn to program these robots to accomplish particular tasks.  This grant supports Wayland Public School’s ongoing efforts to develop STEM experiences throughout the district. (Loker School)