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Where Can I Go To Find Inspiration For An

Incredible WPSF Grant?

1.     Look at specific grants the Foundation has funded in recent years … could you build upon any of them or adapt them for a different student population? 

a.         Last year the WPSF funded Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality grants at the high school through the Google Expeditions and Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy platforms.  Could VR/AR technology work with younger students as well?

                        Google Expeditions: https://edu.google.com/expeditions/#about

b.     The Foundation helped fund several new courses in areas such as Forensic Science and Anatomy.  Are there other ideas to enhance Wayland’s curriculum with new or more formally structured courses, such as an Engineering program?





2.     Think about the general themes of grants the Foundation has supported in the past … do you have ideas within these themes or ways to update them to fit into the current learning environment in Wayland?

a.  For many years the Foundation has supported social-emotional learning (SEL) through grants encouraging anti-bullying, diversity and inclusion, and positive peer relationships.  Could you build upon these themes with an innovative idea, perhaps relating to responsible technology use and healthy digital communication?  

               Wellesley Educational Foundation and Needham Education Foundation have recently sponsored many topical SEL grants!
For example…. 
               http://www.nefneedham.org/grants-database (Pollard 2017-2018)
               https://www.wellesleyeducationfoundation.org/did-you-know (Challenge Success at WHS)

b.     The Foundation has long supported the arts, for example through grants establishing the High School’s Music Production Lab and enhancing equipment for classes such as jewelry making and photography.  Do you have a creative idea to enhance the way students experience the visual arts/performing arts curriculum, or perhaps for a new course?  Playwriting?  Printmaking?

Concord Education Foundation has funded a 3D Potter Bot for studio art students:

  Natick Education Foundation has funded a new Printmaking Course:

c.     Consider real-world problems that impact your students … could you help students understand how they can be part of the solution?  Could you teach about global warming using technology to measure students’ carbon footprints?

     Sudbury Education Foundation and Concord Education Foundation have explored this:

3.     Think about what similar Foundations in peer districts are doing … could any of them be adapted to your classroom or our district?

a.    STARLAB Portable Planetarium System funded by the Needham Education Foundation: 

b.    Novel Engineering Lessons, integrating engineering and literacy, funded by the Lexington Education Foundation:  

Get your creative juices flowing and brainstorm with friends and colleagues, in Wayland and beyond.  If you could have ANYTHING to transform student learning in your classroom, what would it be???


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