STEAM is the integration of fine arts, design and humanities into traditional science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education.  This teaching approach promotes creativity, non-linear thinking and discipline, which, when applied to STEM subjects, can generate new discoveries and innovation.  STEAM gives students real world problem solving strategies and can make STEM more accessible to students of all ages and abilities.  And all students benefit because STEAM teaches critical thinking, ingenuity and teamwork – useful skills for life.

In honor of our 30th anniversary, a portion of funds will be dedicated to Build STEAM in Wayland.  The WPSF would like to fund more STEAM projects, recognizing the innovative teaching approaches of Wayland’s teachers.  Your gift now can help Wayland’s students be more successful in the future. 

Past STEAM grants

  • 3D printer for science and arts at WHS
  • Robotics equipment for K-12 programs and clubs
  • Digital and video cameras for science and online journalism at WMS and WHS


Help us Build STEAM in Wayland! 

conceptualize • visualize • communicate • design • problem solve • experiment • innovate




So what does a 3D printer have to do with STEAM?

Imagine being able to make a physical object come right out of your computer.   With a grant from the WPSF, WHS students can create 3D objects – models of buildings and bridges, molecular and biological structures, sculpture, jewelry, gadgets and more!  3D printing effectively brings multiple subjects together in an exciting way.  It will help students explore spatial and abstract concepts, as well as the process of design.  It’s a whole new world! 

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