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2017 Spelling Bee Guidelines


Welcome to the 27th Annual Wayland Public Schools Foundation Spelling Bee!  We are so happy you are participating in this year's event, which is comprised of 373 student spellers (that's 127 teams!)  Thank you for being part of this community fundraising event – we look forward to making it a special memory for your child.

The Bee is on Sunday, March 26th, from 12:00-4:30pm at Wayland High School. Within this block of time, your child will be assigned a 35-minute period for her or his round. A schedule listing teams and time slots is now posted on our website.  Please note that because of the large number of participants this year, all fifth graders will compete at either 3:20 or 3:55;  please check the schedule carefully to determine your location. PLEASE PLAN TO ARRIVE AT YOUR SPELLING LOCATION 10 -15 MNUTES PRIOR TO THE START TIME. 

Some guidelines for day of the Bee:

·       Parking:  there is a large parking lot at the high school with ample parking for the event.  

·       Registration:  please check in at the registration table prior to going to your child’s round location. Registration is located at the main entrance to the high school in the Commons (cafeteria), which is in the North Building. At registration, you will also receive your child’s t-shirt.

·       Bee Round:  please arrive at your child’s round location 10 - 15 minutes prior to the round start time. Depending on your child’s grade, she or he might be in either the North Building or South Building. There will be signs to help direct you to the right location.

o   Second grade:  Library (South Building, second floor - outside and across from registration.)

o   Third grade:  Lecture Hall (South Building, second floor - outside and across from registration. Take interior stairs to second floor)

o   Fourth grade: Auditorium (North Building, first floor.  Down hallway past registration.)

o   Fifth grade: due to the large number of participants this year, all fifth graders will compete at either 3:20pm or 3:55pm.  Locations vary, but will be either the library, lecture hall or auditorium.  Please see the schedule for your child's team and location.

·       Bee Round Etiquette:  families and friends are welcome to watch the Bee rounds, but it is important that they are quiet. Participants must be able to hear the words clearly in order to spell them.  In addition, if you are waiting for a round outside of the room, please remember that sound travels easily and is distracting for participants. Please keep voices down outside of the rooms while you wait.

·       Refreshments: light refreshments will be available in the Commons, along with information about grants funded by the WPSF. Please stop by to socialize before or after your spelling round!

·       Bee Round Rules:  The Bee rules are below. The rules will be explained to participants at the start of each round, but feel free to discuss them with your child in advance of the Bee. The goal of our day is for students to have fun!

·       Other Questions that Day? Our volunteers will be wearing purple WPSF t-shirts, and the 2017 Bee chairs will be buzzing around in costume, please don’t hesitate to ask us for help. 

Again, thank you for participating in the Wayland Public Schools Foundation Annual Spelling Bee. Funds raised from the Bee enable the WPSF to continue to provide grants to fund innovative educational resources at all five Wayland schools, helping our schools maintain their level of excellence.

Good luck to all of our spellers! Have a great time at the Bee! 


The 2017 Spelling Bee Committee

  • Jessica Green
  • Derrick Irwin
  • Trystan O'Leary
  • Marcia Irwin



1.     Spelling Bee teams shall consist of three members, all from the same grade. One member is designated as the speaker for each word.  Teams can choose to use the same speaker for the entire round, or have members take turns acting as the speaker, but there can be only one speaker for each word.

2.     Five to eight teams compete in each 35 minute timeslot.

3.     Each team will be challenged with a different word by the announcer who will clearly pronounce the assigned word and properly use it in a sentence, then repeat the word.

4.     After the word has been read for the second time, the team will have 20 seconds to discuss the word, choose a spelling and then write and circle the word on the whiteboard provided.  The team should have only one word circled on the whiteboard.  Any team member may request that the word be repeated before the 20 seconds runs out.  Writing instruments must be put down when time is up.

5.     The team speaker:

           ·       Must clearly say and then spell aloud the word as written and circled on the whiteboard.

           ·       May restart and change the spelling of a word only if she or he has not completed a first spelling.  Remember, the                              respelling must match the written, circled word.  In the case of any misunderstanding, a judge will review the written,                          circled word and this will be the “submitted” answer.

6.     Rounds 1 through 4 are DOUBLE ELIMINATION:  For the first 4 rounds, teams are eliminated after the incorrect spelling of 2 words.  After 2 misspellings, the team should turn down its name card.

7.     Rounds 5 and after are SINGLE ELIMINATION:   An incorrect spelling of a word disqualifies the team from further play and the team should turn down its name card.

8.     If two or more teams are tied after the ninth round, there will be one final word given to each remaining team in Round 10. If only one team spells their word correctly, that team will be declared the winner.  If all remaining teams spell their word correctly, OR if all remaining teams spell their word incorrectly, a tie will be declared. 


Questions? Email: waylandspellingbee@gmail.com