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2019-2020 Grant Application

If you had a blank check for your classroom, what would you do?

The Wayland Public Schools Foundation (WPSF) provides teachers with the resources to dream of new ways to teach and engage students. Take this opportunity to think out of the box or reproduce what works in other classrooms or schools. Our goal is to support your creativity and enrich the educational experience of all Wayland students. Since 1983, WPSF has funded more than $3 million for about 700 teacher grants across all subjects and grades.

 If your idea – big or small – has the potential to make a positive impact on your teaching, your students, your school or on others in the district, apply for a grant now!

How to Apply

1) Download and read the NEW Grant Guidelines.  Make sure your idea fits our funding criteria.

2) Download and complete the 2019-2020 Grant Application.  Discuss ideas with relevant specialists, teachers and administrators.

3) Print your completed application and obtain required signatures.

4) Submit your application to your Principal before the deadline.

5) For all technology purchases, please apply with an Instructional Technology Specialist who will help you specify solutions and obtain pricing.  This is required of any request for computer hardware, software, licenses/subscriptions, printers, projection and sound systems, interactive whiteboards/response systems, document cameras, tablets, e-readers and other classroom technologies.

If you have any questions or do not receive confirmation within 10 days after the deadline that we have received your application, please contact us at

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Application & Tips

Forms for Awarded Grants